Montana Stories

Lonie Stimac, Helena

(Nominated by Cheryl Helmbrecht)
The State Capitol Building
August 2, 2011

Prior to 9/11 Lonie was a Red Cross volunteer and responded to disaster calls on locally to victims of house fires, state-wide for the 2000 Montana Wildfires, and nationally in Louisiana & Mississippi after Hurricane George where they assisted the victims and helped with the cleanup efforts. After 9/11 she worked as the spokesperson for the disaster at the local Red Cross until 9/20 when air space was opened for travel.  Once allowed to fly she reported to the Red Cross at Ground Zero, working first with families of the victims then at a Respite Center, providing food, shelter and support to the Firefighters & Rescue and Recovery workers. Overall she was on site at Ground Zero for 12 weeks. Lonie is deeply compassionate and has devoted much of her life to helping the down trodden and those in need, in one way or another.