Montana Stories

Brian Fisher, Helena

(Nominated by Chris Thompson, Norma Herron, Michele Crepeau, Joe Crepeau, and Margaret Wiese)
The State Capitol Building
August 2, 2011

 Bryan D. Fischer, is a 20+ year law enforcement veteran.  He has worked as an EMT, a patrol officer, a detective and, for the past five years has been a key member of the Montana Internet Crimes Against Children Task force. In that capacity he has been deputized by the Federal Marshall’s Service working with the Federal Bureau of Investigations. He works hard every day to protect the children of Montana and across the United States. He works full time tracking down and arresting internet child pornographers and users. Every day he experiences the pain and suffering caused by sick and hateful people and borne by the most innocent of our society – our children.  Bryan is a devoted husband and father who never misses an opportunity to support his children’s interests.  Bryan is well respected in his community and by his colleagues and peers.  He supports various charitable organizations with his time, skills and money.