Montana Stories

Dennis Taylor, Helena

(Nominated by Alicia Pichette and Anne Pichette)
The State Capitol Building
August 2, 2011

 Dennis Taylor began his service to America as a U.S. Marine during the Vietnam Era.  Wounded during that service he received a medal for valor.  His professional career has been dedicated exclusively to public service.  VISTA Volunteer work brought him to Montana where he launched his public service years serving the State as a director for developmental disabilities and mental health services; his design for community-based mental health programs and community based services for the developmentally disabled created the framework for the service system that exists today.   Meanwhile he volunteered by serving as a school board trustee, board member for youth homes, library boards, the ACLU and a city county board of health.   Volunteer service leaders by example he and his wife raised their own two daughters as well as five foster teens.   Dennis is one of those quiet heroes, not much splash – plenty of hard work.  I know he’d be honored to be invited to stitch the National 9/11 Flag.