Missouri Flags

Branson, Missouri

This is one of the fifth patches made for the National 9/11 Flag restoration project.  The flag was brought to the Branson Mall in Branson, Missouri on November 9, 2011 at the invitation of the City of Branson to help celebrate Veterans Week. There were two flags used for the Branson patch.  Both flags were donated by the City of Branson and flew over the Avenue of Freedom the previous year. 

The patch wes made by cutting out the red stripes from each of the donated flag    The patch is 13 inches high by 35 inches wide and is positioned on the first stripe from the bottom about in the middle of the flag.  There were 191 people who helped stitch the patch on the National 9/11 Flag including members of a military unit from Ft. Leonard Wood in Missouri. 

Members of the Flag Tour Team in Branson included Wendy Hauser, Denny and Carolyn Deters and FDNY firefighter Trey Piazza. 

The location of the Branson, Missouri patch is outlined on the picture below.