Alabama Stories

Steve & Stanley Setzer, Huntsville

(Nominated by Rebecca Schroeder)
Huntsville Jaycees Building
July 27, 2011

Steve is a veteran of Operation Desert Storm.  He works for the Madison County Sheriff’s department as a corrections officer.  He works long hours and is heavily relied upon by his coworkers and his superiors.  He is also my older brother.  Since our father passed away unexpectedly in December of 2004 he has become the patriarch of our family. Yes, his siblings are all adults now but he has stepped up and is a role model for all of us and our kids. I am also nominating him in honor of our father.  Stanley Douglas Setzer, Jr he was a Vietnam War veteran who after retirement worked for the FBI at the Bomb Squad school here in Huntsville.  He was the “mad bomber”, the man the FBI wouldn’t let retire.  Stanley served his community and family for years just like Steve.  They are both men who deserve recognition. I know Steve would also accept this honor in memory of our Dad.  They both deserve it. (Pictured: Steve Setzer)