North Dakota Stories

Steve Kenner, Bismarck

(Nominated by Rebecca Dean, Maleah Nelsen, Amanda Feller, Clint Fleckenstien)
State Capitol Building in Bismarck
August 12, 2011

Sergeant Steve Kenner person was a police officer for the City of Bismarck North Dakota he was killed in the line of duty on 8 July 2011. We have an amazing city that’s been remarkably safe for the most part, and that is largely due to the influence of Sergeant Kenner. He was a remarkable man that left a lasting impact on those he met AND those he didn’t. The community has rallied around the Police Department in a show of support for their tragic loss and the entire community feels Sgt. Kenner’s absence.  Hundreds of citizens attended his funeral the Bismarck Civic Center since no local church could contain the number of people arriving to pay tribute.  Hundreds more lined the streets of Bismarck and Mandan with flags and homemade signs as the procession made its way to the North Dakota Veterans Cemetery. (Pictured: Four offices stitching in honor of  Sgt Steve Kenner)