Washington Stories

Ronald Clary Jr., Olympia

(Nominated by Heidi Clary)
State Capitol Rotunda
July 22, 2011

I would like to nominate my husband US Army Staff Sergeant Ronald L. Clary Jr to have the honor to help restore the flag that he has defended for the last 17 years. Since the attacks on 9/11 has been deployed 5 times (twice to Kosovo, and three times to Iraq). and has had to sacrifice years of experiences with his wife and children, witness the loss of his comrades and friends, and the uncertainty of what tomorrow will bring. My husband does what he does not for rewards or accolades, but so others will not have to.  Through a simple stitch my husband will help return the flag that he loves so much to its former glory, and that same act will help prove to him and the rest of the world that even though we got knocked down as a country, we are now and always will be stronger for it.  (Pictured: Robert Clary stitching for Ronald)