North Carolina Stories

Kevin M. Eitel, Southport

(Nominated by Elizabeth Eitel)
Southport Baptist Church Christian Ministry Center
July 4, 2011

Kevin M. Eitel was Senior Engineer on a Turner Construction Project for Goldman Sachs right across the Hudson when the WTC Towers were hit. With his background as an EMT, West Point Graduate (class of 1978), police experience, and being one of the most selfless human beings anyone could ever have the pleasure of meeting, Kevin knew immediately to go to the site and help out in any way he could. Despite severe asthma, he got there as fast as possible and helped out for days with barely any contact with his family. The debris and toxins in the air to which he was exposed have created numerous respiratory problems with additional health problems resulting from the medications. He also suffers from PTSD, and has severe bouts of depression. Despite his own problems, he has raised awareness and participated in various charity events to raise money for 9/11 victim’s families and helped to create a monument to those who lost their lives on 9/11/2001 in Bayonne at the former Military Ocean Terminal Park. He also went to Washington DC to work with Congress in creating a comprehensive benefits bill for those suffering the effects of working at Ground Zero. He is a loving, inspiring, and loyal patriot of the United States of America. He has taught me that life has a greater meaning than just the individual; life is nothing without love, loyalty, and selflessness and to better myself through helping others, and helping to better the community.