North Carolina Stories

Irvin Seay Reed III, Southport

(Nominated by Lee Ann Reed)
Southport Baptist Church Christian Ministry Center
July 4, 2011

Irvin Reed is my husband and has served in the USMC for almost 20 years.  Irvin is and has been the most dedicated person I have ever known.  He has served the United States in every way possible in the 5 wars that he has been in.  He is currently still undergoing recovery after being medically evacuated from Afghanistan after being injured while conducting combat operations in support of Special Operations Command.  He has lived his life in defense of our country and even though he has been broken and bled for the country he continues to give all of himself to continue to protect our way of life.  He is an unassuming professional in every sense of the word.  While he was in Bethesda recovering, everyday he ensured he went to check on the care of all of the junior Marines, as he was the senior wounded Marine in the hospital at the time.