Tennessee Stories

Deputy Chief Danny Yates, Nashville

(Nominated by Jim Norman)
Hilton Nashville Downtown
July 2, 2011

As a soldier serving in the Air Force, Danny Yates took his love and dedication to his country with him every day.  His service to his country gave him a lifelong respect for the US Flag and everything it represented. Danny went on to serve the public again with a career in the Fire Service.  His career has spanned 36 years and has included every job classification from recruit to now Deputy Fire Chief Yates. I am honored to serve with him, and for as long as I have known him, he has worn a flag pin on his pocket.  His desk has been adorned with US Flag pictures in crayon presented to him by his daughter when in kindergarten.  His Chief’s vehicle always has a flag decal.  We all have a level of respect for the country and our flag, but Danny has a connection that is on another level.  Every military holiday is observed with respect. His example is an inspiration. Chief Yates leads with that same respect.  He is a man that can and does make a difference in the lives of people around him. I can think of no one that is more deserving of the privilege of stitching the National 9/11 Flag, and no one who would hold that honor in higher regard.