Tennessee Stories

Mickey Summers, Nashville

(Nominated by Amy Summers)
Hilton Nashville Downtown
July 2, 2011

Mickey Summers is one of the most dedicated people I have ever known.  At an early age he witnessed a house fire that cost his aunt and two young cousins their lives.  It was that day that he knew what he wanted to do with his life…. he would be fireman.  Mickey started volunteer firefighting at age 17 and was hired for our hometown as a paid fireman at the age of 19.  In the many years that have passed since then, he still continues to serve his community …he is the unpaid fire chief for the volunteer department he started with, the operations manager for our county’s Emergency Management Agency, and a shift commander for City’s fire department.  He has accomplished all of this at the age of 35 while still being a devoted husband and father.  Mickey has pulled children from burning homes, responded to tornado disasters, helped hundreds in medical distress, and even helped save his own father and uncle during the May, 2010 flooding in our area.  (Pictured: Amy Summers stitching for Mickey)