Arizona Stories

Dan Rowan, Tucson

(Nominated by Melanie Lang, Renee & Tom Sommerville, Tom Mooney, Peggy Smothers, Ann Meaders, Bernadette Romero, & Cindy Wells)
Centennial Hall, University of Arizona
July 8, 2011

Dan Rowan has been a public servant for most all of his adult life.  He is a Police Officer with the Town of Marana with over five years of service, willingly putting his personal safety at risk every day.  Prior to moving to AZ, Dan was a NYC firefighter for 20 years, joining the Fire Department after having worked as a police office for five years with the NYC Police Department. On 9/11 Dan was with Ladder 9 in Engine 33 Fire House.  He was a first responder at 9/11 for all of the clean up work.  He lost his whole company on 9/11, and to this day he still carries those lost firefighters’ turn out coats in his car. Dan is actively involved in his community participating in various fundraisers and every 9/11 makes it a point to talk to students at different area schools.  In Florida later this summer, as a fund raiser for the 9/11 fund, Dan will be meeting up with a group of firefighters and police officers who will ride bicycles to New York City arriving on 9/11.  Dan personifies service and sacrifice to his community in his daily life.  He deserves to be recognized for over 30 years of public service including his work as a 9/11 first responder.