Arizona Stories

Patsy Joy, Tucson

(Nominated by Sheila Blevins)
Centennial Hall, University of Arizona
July 8, 2011

Patsy Joy has devoted her life to service. Patsy has served as Communications Manager for the Pima County Sheriffs Office for 35 years and is going to retire in July. Patsy is responsible for managing the 9-1-1 call center and dispatch services for Pima County.  Patsy was on duty that fateful day in January when the first calls for help were received from the victims and witnesses of Representative Giffords’ shooting.  Any dispatch center would be overwhelmed by this type of event but I am proud to say that this center rose to the occasion and was a shining star of professionalism spotlighting the importance of competent, professional and caring first responders. Patsy will never step forward to take credit for the readiness of her center during this tragedy but those of us in the industry understand that without the years of guidance and preparation efforts of Ms. Joy, the response would not have been as polished. I cannot think of another more deserving individual than Patsy!