Mississippi Stories

Jeremy Utsey, Meridian

(Nominated by SSG Paul Lampton)
The Lauderdale AG Center
May 23, 2011

SFC Jeremy Utsey is a fulltime National Guardsman in Meridian Mississippi. He has been a member of the 155th Brigade Special Troops Battalion since 2003. He is our nomination for the Honor of stitching the 9-11 flag. In April of 2005 during Operation Iraqi Freedom 3, SFC Utsey was a passenger in a vehicle that was hit by an IED. SFC Norris Galatas was the Driver of the vehicle. SFC Galatas was severly injured in the blast. SFC Utsey was (while injured himself) instrumental in saving the life of SFC Galatas. SFC Utsey has never received any recognition for this, other than from fellow Soldiers. I personally feel he is very deserving of this honor and the Soldiers whom served with SFC Utsey feel this would be the ultimate in showing our gratitude for his actions that day.