Mississippi Stories

David Kimbrell, Meridian

(Nominated by Marlene Kimbrell)
The Lauderdale AG Center
May 23, 2011

Sgt Kimbrell is my husband. He was in the Air Force in the 80’s and left.  Then the day after 9/11, he joined the Army National Guard. He is a Chinook flight engineer and a door gunner for his unit the 1/111th in Meridian, MS.  He was in Iraq in 2004-2005 and went through a lot over there, had to do a lot that I will never know about and don’t want to know. He also was with the 160th Special Ops. When he came home from Iraq in 2005, he went to work on aircraft in Gulfport, MS the week before Katrina. He then flew missions delivering water and food and did anything else that needed to be done for weeks. He will be going back to Iraq in Aug, 2011. He has given up much to fight for his country He never complains about anything so I think he needs to be given the privilege of stitching the Flag. I love my hero, and I thank him everyday.