New Mexico Stories

Fred & Charlene Turner, Gallup

(Nominated by Jeff Parness)
May 19, 2011

In September 2008, Fred and Charlene Turner drove from Moriarity, New Mexico to Greensburg, Kansas when they heard that The New York Says Thank You Foundation was going to help rebuild a 4-H barn destroyed in the tornado that leveled 95% of that town. Unable to help bang nails in the rain soaked and muddy field where the 4-H barn was going up, Fred and Charlene found an alternate way to give back that 9/11 Anniversary 2008 weekend — they showed up at the Carriage House Assisted Living Center in Greensburg and joined the team of the initial volunteers who helped to bring The National 9/11 Flag back to life. As someone personally connected to 9/11 and the World Trade Center site, this was Fred and Charlene’s simple yet special way to give back to the country. We would be honored to have them be recognized for their participation in the rebirth of The National 9/11 Flag by having them place two stitches in the official New Mexico patch.