Nebraska Stories

Dave Tasich, Lincoln

(Nominated by Denny Deters)
State Capitol Rotunda
June 2, 2011

Dave became disabled as a result of a motorcycle accident about 20 years ago resulting in loss of a leg and multiple scars on his arms and hands. Now unable to do physical labor, he devotes his time to helping others. In addition to spending time working as a volunteer with the Boy Scouts at the Little Sioux Scout Ranch and Camp Cedars, he also volunteers with several hospitals in the area working with patients who have also lost limbs helping others to adjust to a new lifestyle dealing with the physical and mental challenges in the use of prosthetics.   Dave also helps as a volunteer behind the scenes with the National 9/11 Flag Tour. After each of the Flag Ceremonies, Dave takes all of the photo cards that stitchers fill out, matches photos to names from the cards and transfers all the information to spreadsheets including e-mail addresses used to send weekly email updates on the progress of the Flag Tour.  Dave also is a big promoter of the Flag Tour around the Omaha area, constantly explaining the Tour and handing out material to anyone willing to listen.