Colorado Stories

Edward McManus, Littleton

(Nominated by Sarah McManus)
APRIL 13, 2011

Ed is my older brother by nine years. He has always been a person I look up to for advice and compassion other than my parents. He is also an Honorably Discharged Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps. Ed has served three tours of duty in Iraq over the past eight years. I believe he should be given the great honor of stitching the National 9/11 Flag because it is the tragedy of 9/11 that got my older brother interested in defending our country. He was a sophomore in high school when the attack happened and he has told me that it was that event that really sealed the deal. I know the flag is coming not only to my high school, but to Ed`s alma mater, Columbine High School. If he is given this honor I know that he would feel privileged and the many staff members that have taught and coached Ed would be very proud. I hope this recommendation is one that leaves a lasting memory of who my brother is because in my eyes he always has and always will be a true American hero.  (Pictured: Sarah McManus)