Colorado Stories

Chaplain (Col) Andy Meverden, Littleton

(Nominated by Darin Overstreet)
APRIL 13, 2011

Chaplain Andy Meverden has a heart of gold and serves the 5,500 members of the Colorado National Guard and the military families of Colorado. Chaplain Meverden’s commitment took him to the Pentagon to help evacuate members after the attacks of 9/11. When everyone was evacuated and receiving their needed care, he was on the first passenger flight back to Denver International Airport being escorted by two Colorado Air National Guard F-16s, while the no-fly restriction was still in place. Showing his commitment to service members and their families, Chaplain Meverden has conducted more than 30 casualty notifications for the families of military members who have been killed in action. This is a duty that no one wants to do, even once. His commitment to ensure families are given all the respect and care they deserve during this earth-shattering time goes without measure. He has also served as the president of the Colorado National Guard Foundation, which ensures that Guard members and their families receive support during times of great need. Through the availing of his counseling Chaplain Meverden has improved the lives of thousands during his career. He makes himself available 24/7 and, because of his trusted counsel, has been taken up on that many times over. He has served as a deployed chaplain in Afghanistan, consoled loved ones after losses, mentored young chaplains, volunteered to bring cheer to children during parental deployments by serving as Santa at numerous holiday parties. The list goes on.  Chaplain Andy Meverden is a beacon of light during the fog of war. His accomplishments and tender support during very difficult times sets him apart and reflects great credit upon himself and the U.S. military.