California Stories

The Harbison County LIONS, San Diego

Ed & Mary Manning, Jon & Debbie Blottin, Rick Lindsey, Earl Carter, Bill & Lorena Strong, Bucky and Len Blottin, Scott Leslie, Ric & Debbie Orozco and all the Harbison Canyon LIONS and Lions from across San Diego County
(Nominated by Jeff Parness)
March 13, 2011

The Harbison County LIONS are nominated for their commitment to volunteer in the rebuilding of Harbison Canyon following the 2003 Cedar Fires and to continually “Pay It Forward” by helping in the rebuilding of Utica, Illinois, Slidell, Louisiana, DeGonia Springs, Indiana, Groesbeck, Texas, Greensburg, Kansas, Little Sioux, Iowa and Mena, Arkansas. Their pure love of service and helping their neighbors in whatever way possible is an inspiration to all privileged to see them in action and has been a cornerstone for the continued success of The New York Says Thank You Foundation.