Maine Stories

Chris Carpenter, York Beach

(Nominated by George Donovan)
March 23, 2011

While working June 25, 2010 as an EMT-B in Alfred Maine Fire & Rescue, Chris responded to a call where a 1 month old premie was not breathing. Upon arrival he took the baby girl from the mother, cleared the airway started CPR. He maintained the airway and CPR for approximately 3½ minutes while enroute to Goodall Hospital in Sanford Maine. The child was breathing on her own when ER staff took over. The baby was rushed to Maine Medical Center where she stayed for five days, returning home as a normal little girl with no health issues. Approximately two weeks later Sergeant Chris Carpenter was deployed to Iraq where he is serving at this time as an ER Tech in a field hospital. (Pictured: George Donovan)