Minnesota Stories

Leon Krone, Lester Prairie

(Nominated by Christy Maesse)
February 26, 2011

Leon Krone is a veteran of the Vietnam War, wounded while in combat and given the Purple Heart, and like all veterans, very deserving of the title “Hero”. Leon currently lives on a 17 acre hobby farm just outside of Lester Prairie and enjoys teaching his kids and grand kids the ways of the past, like how to make homemade bread and noodles and canning all the things you grow in the garden.  All the children get a job that is teaching them the very work ethic upon which America is founded. He has made and baked bread for the soup suppers of his church and has made countless donations to organizations for grandkids and kids. Leon has been such an inspiration and hero to his grandkids that he has encouraged his oldest grandson Travis to enlist. Travis will be off to Kuwait in May to help bring the remaining soldiers home. The life lessons that one man has taught us is a legacy that we are very lucky and proud to be a part of; he has made us who we are today. Our family thinks he should be given the privilege to stitch the flag because he is the very reason we are so proud to be Americans. He has fought for this country not only in Vietnam but here in America as well, teaching strong American values.  He taught us to hold our heads high, be proud of where we come from, and to always be nice to others. He has never had lots of money or material goods but has given us instead a feeling that we are important. This man is our hero.