Minnesota Stories

Ed Mlynar, Lester Prairie

(Nominated by Marilyn Pawelk and Larry Hoof)
February 26, 2011

Ed Mlynar is one of those residents who has so much enthusiasm, energy, drive and pride for his community. He always steps up to the plate, researches the project and volunteers his time and talents. His latest project was a Veteran’s Memorial that is still in progress and should be in place for Memorial Day. He organizes, follows-up, and gets the jobs done. He is on the Legion and has served as Councilmember, as well as Mayor, and on countless other boards. He is normally the first to show up and the last to leave because he wants to be sure everything is ready and then every thing is back in order when it is done. His volunteerism is something everyone should strive for and without him many service and community projects would probably have never become a reality.