Florida Stories

Andrew Sheppard, Kennedy Space Center

(Nominated by Christine Wilson)
Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex
Kennedy Space Center (NASA), Florida
February 18, 2011

Andrew Darrell Sheppard is truly a hometown hero, although he doesn’t see himself as one. He was raised in Melbourne, FL and currently resides in Cocoa, FL. Darrell is a retired Master Sergeant of the Army Special forces and was awarded a purple heart as a combat wounded veteran.  He was a member of the 5th Special Forces Group which is the most decorated single unit in the Vietnam War and participated in Project Delta.  Spread across six years, Delta was small in numbers, yet it was big in impact. The intelligence gathered provided the identities of more than 70 NVA and VC units, enabling the capture of numerous supply caches, documents and prisoners.  Project Delta set the standard for those Special Forces Soldiers who came after them, as well as established the blueprint of the things that Special Forces do today and for all the future generations of Special Operations Forces.