New Jersey Flags

New Jersey Patch

The New Jersey patch was made by cutting out red strips from an American Flag donated by Montclair State University in Upper Monclair, New Jersey.  The flag had been flown over several buildings and the athletic field at the University.

The patch from Montclair State University used as the official New Jersey patch was made from several red stripes and is 13 inches high and 35 inches wide and was used to continue the rebuilding of the bottom red strip on the National 9/11 Flag.  The location of the patch is eight feet from the left hand edge of the red stripe. (location R1-2 on the map)

The National 9/11 Flag was displayed on the seventh floor Conference Center in University Hall on the campus of Montclair State University in conjunction with Constitution Day celebrations on September 14, 2010. The stitching ceremony was attended by forty honorees and 458 people placed a stitch in the New Jersey patch to help attach it to The National 9/11 Flag during the eight hours the flag was on display.

Members of the FDNY Honor Guard, the Montclair State University Police and Fire Departments, a number of New Jersey National Guardsmen as well as other New Jersey fire and police departments were represented at the ceremony.  They all provided an honor guard for the flag during the entire eight hours the Flag was on display.

The remains of the flag used in making the patch was returned to Montclair State University for proper disposal.