Arkansas Flags


The second Arkansas patch was made by cutting out red strips from several retired American Flags. One was donated by the Caddo Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America and two Flags from Mena, Arkansas.  One of the Mena flags was flown over the Polk County Court House in Mena during the tornado that struck the town in April of 2009.  The other Flag had been flown over Mena City Hall.  The Boy Scout flag and one of the Mena flags were 3 foot by 5 foot with the second Mena flag being 4 foot by 6 foot.

The Mena patch is 13 inches high and 24 inches wide and was used to rebuild the bottom red strip on the National 9/11 Flag.  The location of the patch is four feet from the left hand edge of the red stripe.

The National 9/11 Flag was displayed in the historic old Armory in downtown Mena on Friday and Saturday, September 3 and 4, 2010.  A stitching ceremony attended by four Honorees and 200 people gathered in the Armory to place the Mena patch on the National 9/11 Flag.

The remains of all three of the flags used in making the patch were returned to the Boy Scouts and to the City of Mena for proper disposal.

The location of the Mena patch is outlined on the picture below.