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Joseph Haman, St. Louis

OFFICER JOSEPH HAMAN, St. Louis Police Department
(Nominated by Sgt James Welbey)
Soldiers Memorial
November 11, 2010

Police Officer Joseph Haman joined the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department in March of 2008.  On the morning of May 27, 2010, Officer Haman was riding alone in the Fifth District when he stopped a suspicious vehicle at Natural Bridge and Grand Avenue. While conducting an investigation of the vehicle occupants, a subject in the rear seat suddenly opened fire on Officer Haman with a .40 caliber pistol.  Despite being shot at least 6-8 times, Officer Haman was able to return fire striking the suspect vehicle and causing the armed subject to retreat. He radioed for assistance, giving a description of the armed man as well as a chilling report of his own condition.  Once help arrived, notwithstanding his life-threatening wounds and extensive loss of blood, Officer Haman continued to provide detailed information on the suspect.   During this entire incident, Officer Joseph Haman displayed unusual courage and bravery.  He is a true hero and fine example of those who are deserving of recognition by the New York Says Thank You Foundation.  Officer Haman, whose father was also a Police Officer with the St. Louis Police Department, is also a decorated Marine Corps Veteran who was injured in combat.