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Isabella Lovadina, St. Louis

OFFICER ISABELLA LOVADINA, St. Louis Police Department
(Nominated by Sgt James Welbey)
Soldiers Memorial
November 11, 2010

Officer Isabella Lovadina is a two-year veteran officer of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department.  On October 5, 2009, Officer Lovadina, after getting off work, went to visit friends at a private residence.  Shortly thereafter, as she and a friend left, they were approached by two armed suspects who forced them back into the residence.  The armed men began threatening the victims, which included several young children, terrorizing them, pointing weapons to their heads, and telling them they would be killed.  After robbing some of the victims, as the victims were being herded towards the basement, Officer Lovadina, although unarmed, took action by attacking one of the gunmen attempting to disarm him. During the struggle, she was shot several times by the second gunman who also fired upon two other victims.  Officer Lovadina’s intervention caused the suspects to flee the residence. They were captured a short time later.  Officer Lovadina was critically wounded in the incident and another victim died as a result of her gunshot wounds.  Officer Lovadina’s actions, to distract and disarm the suspects and allowing the other victims to escape harm, were heroic.

Throughout this horrific incident, Officer Isabella Lovadina displayed amazing resolve and extraordinary courage in the face of certain death.  She acted without regard for her own safety with the intent to save the lives of others.  This selfless act of valor and heroism is deserving of recognition by the New York Says Thank You Foundation.

As a postscript to this information, Officer Lovadina was recently named one of the ten best officers in the country by Parade magazine.