Indiana Stories

Ken Shelton, De Gonia Springs & Newburgh

(Nominated by Keith and Judi Shelton)
Baker Chapel and Seventh-Day Adventist Church
November 6, 2010

Ken and his four brothers were orphaned when he was nine years old in 1934.  The five boys had to make a choice of whether to be split up among family members or to stay together and go to the orphanage.  They chose to stay together.  Ken graduated high school and became a US Marine.  He was shipped to the South Pacific participating in five beachhead landings (Okinawa, Tinian, Saipan, and two others), four more than the one he signed on for.  Ken came home like most WW2 veterans just glad to be alive.  He married his sweetheart and raised a family.  He started his own business and was successful.  He and his brothers lived and raised families within a five mile radius of their birthplace, De Gonia Springs, Indiana all of their adult lives.  Ken has lost his wife, Neva, and three of his brothers.  He is blind and 86 years old.  He loves his family and we know it.  He is my Hero for his service to our country, his joy of life, and his love for us, his family.